Tackling Of Covid-19 : Artificial Intelligence

How artificial intelligence has taken center stage in every industry, including healthcare, marketing, banking, and many more. This field appears to have taken place in all other sectors beginning in the first decade of the twenty-first century and has left outstanding outcomes!As artificial intelligence research advances, particularly in the healthcare industry, clinicians will be able to better comprehend the state of their patients, thanks to the big data solutions that support HER and FHIR protocols.

As the covid pandemic caused worldwide crises, the globe was unable to combat this lethal virus without the use of an artificial intelligence platform. It has been used in the detection of disease cultures, tracking cases, moral risk, and providing a platform where we may analyze disease patterns and anticipate future outbreaks. This allows us to assist with early warning systems.

Artificial Intelligence provides us with several advantages. That is, we may employ smart devices such as watches and a variety of wearable gadgets to aid in the diagnosis, tracing, and monitoring of Covid-19, such as the A14 Covid-19, which records audio samples of 2s. Artificial intelligence tools aid in forecasting treatment course, changes in recovery rate, trend presentation, and daily updates. Provides vital information on severe patients in the ICU, such as the requirement for ventilators and breathing assistance. It not only assisted in the tracking of Covid -19 using chest X-rays and CT scans, but it also assisted us in generating a vaccine at such a rare rate that has never been seen before. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can predict the onset or even before it becomes effective.

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