Covid-19 and Fungus : The Aftermath

  • How Covid-19 Second Wave impacted India more than other countries and how the Black Fungus emerged. So, let us find out what it is that we are lacking that is causing such massive deaths around the country.
  • Second wave of Covid-19 in 2021

In this section, we will learn about the factors that contributed to the country’s downfall.

Started in mid-March and eventually begins to rise in such a terrible way that leads to 400K cases on a regular basis due to not following SOPs properly, resulting in such enormous positive cases until 30th of April reaching its highest peak where individuals in every state begins to lose their loved ones and the country loses a lot of healthcare staff as well. Wherever we glanced, there was agony and fear. It primarily began in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and every other state got impacted. The devastating impact of the pandemic on low-skilled individuals resulted in a higher Gini coefficient. This epidemic has caused the unemployment that has had a negative impact on economic and educational standards. Since “Great Depression” (1929-1939), Covid-19 has been seen a horrible tragedy. Policymakers should take this chance to work ground-based, for example, in impoverished parts, healthcare facilities, education systems etc.

  • Black fungus in 2021

Even after healing from covid-19, many individuals are dying because of this virus. This illness appeared in the second wave of 2021. As a result of numerous circumstances, such as the use of ordinary tap water in fluid flow of oxygen cylinders, the use of humidifiers in ICU patients, a weak immune system, and a diabetic state, individuals are more at risk. Approximately 500 cases have been reported in Delhi as of May 24th, with the outbreak spreading to other states. It begins in the eyes and jaws, then spreads towards the brain and lungs, causing death. Cases of yellow and white fungus have also been reported.

  • Massive steps towards the second wave and the black fungus

Following such deaths in 2021 because of the second wave and black fungus, a critical step was made, namely the establishment of lockdown. Vaccination services are available to people of all ages. Several facilities were briefly converted into covid centres. Students were subjected to e-learning as well as work-from-home alternatives for employees, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of cases. Several monies were raised to assist along the process. The government loosened financing and restructuring rules for all stakeholders, particularly small businesses, and directed firms to provide a good medical facility throughout.

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